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From $5k Bankroll to $4 Million Profit

Vegas hates it when you break the bank, and I don’t blame them. I’d ban me too if someone implemented a highly profitable bankroll system to cover the spread and decimate my profits – but they’ve only banned me, not my system.

Bankroll Management

Learn how much to bet per month, per week, and per game. When your bankroll is protected, long term profit is inevitable.

Unlimited Profits

 Stop betting as a ‘Weekend Warrior’. Start living the lifestyle you’ve dreamed about with a highly profitable revenue stream.

Personal Coaching

 One-on-one coaching across picks and bankroll advice. The focus is on YOU and your winnings, nothing else matters.

About Cody Vaujin

My success in sports handicapping isn’t chance. It’s analytics.

After studying Mathematics at the University of Arizona I realized there was a way to apply money management systems to consistently cash out picks against the spread. When you stop betting on “gut feeling” and start applying mathematical and bankroll management techniques, you’ve got the tools to tip the odds in your favor.

But there’s a HUGE difference between theory and real-world results….

I’d never ask anything of my clients that I wouldn’t do myself. So I entered a Sports Handicapping contest against 100 of the industries biggest names…and came out ranked #1 with $100,000 in winnings in my pocket.
I never took another college class, dropping out with a half-finished degree in Mathematics and 50,000 new clients clinging to my sports betting system.
After turning my $5k savings into $4 million in profit, most Vegas casinos banned me from sports betting with them, but they can’t stop YOU from using my sports betting system.

The house had the advantage long enough. Are you ready to turn the tables?

“From Math Whiz to Millionaire”

Press & Media 

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From Maths Whiz to Millionaire: How Cody Vaujin Won at Life Through Sports Handicapping

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Learn How I Built the Highest Accuracy Rate (77%) in the Industry

You’re here because you know it’s possible to beat the odds, but you don’t want to be burned by self-proclaimed “gurus”. 

You’re curious about developing a profitable revenue stream betting on the sports you love, but you’re not reckless.

Here’s what to expect when you work with me.

Proven Profitable System

Bankroll management is the key to your success. When you’ve got a system that protects your bankroll long term, you’ve got the secret to beating the books and cashing out on your daily picks, all within a framework that reduces risk and maximises wins (industry-leading 77%).

Mathematical Advantages

NFL, NBA, MLB. Every major sport in America and around the world comes down to numbers – and numbers can be understood, analyzed and predicted. Forget ‘Moneyball’. With my proven mathematical system in place it’s ‘Money All’.

Love of the Game

Every tip, every snap, every pitch. My system is built on a lifelong love of the game, and a true passion for sports betting. There’s no secret trick, no magic bullet. Just an endless daily grind to study data, respond to your needs, and help you cash out profitable picks.

Looking to Unlock Financial Freedom?

Contact Cody Vaujin today to find out how to turn your passion for sports betting into a highly lucrative lifestyle.

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